Songs tagged with: 'folk'
The Turning

Coming changes.

Best Intentions

Fathers, sons and despair.

Tossing and Burning

Hot, unrequited passion.

One More Shot of Blues

A rockin' blues tune.

Hour of the Wolf

That time at 3 or 4 in the morning, when you break out in a cold sweat, full of regrets.


A simple man, with simple needs.

Dancin' Around It

A puppet revolt.

I Don't Know

The confusion of love.

Chained Melody

Love, freedom and self-deception.

I Ain't Ready

Seasonal but timeless. I ain't ready for the cold.

A Way from Here

Troping toward the light.


An instrumental that sounds like its name.

Remember to Forget

Leaving behind a cycle of negative behaviors and memories.

Desperate Times

Desperate times don't always provide any measures, drastic or otherwise.

Not. Stopped. Again.

Don't let censorship hold you down.

Let it Flow

Written for my brother, who always told me to "go with the flow".

John Prine Song

John Prine is comfort food for the ears.

Water Sign

Conception of my third child.

Bitter Seeds

Dread of blowback from infinite war.


An instrumental rag.

I Don't Belong

The title sums it up.


No religion owns any place.


A song for the rest of us.