Songs tagged with: 'blues'
Tweet This!

A humorous blues rant on Twitter and FaceBook.

Tossing and Burning

Hot, unrequited passion.

One More Shot of Blues

A rockin' blues tune.

Sweet Roll

Gotta have something sweet, sometimes.

Walking Away

Walking away from a blues situation.

Dancin' Around It

A puppet revolt.

A Way from Here

Troping toward the light.

Not So Blues

A lively blues instrumental. (4 string)

Little Bit of Heaven

...always seems to be tied to a whole lot of hell.

Save Me

Minor blues, major problem.

Darkness Pouring Down

Major blues, betrayal and uncertainty.

Not. Stopped. Again.

Don't let censorship hold you down.

Just One

It takes two to tango, but just one to sing the blues.


An instrumental rag.

Uptime Blues

A humorous blues rant about the invasion of technology.

One More New Years

New Years resolutions.

Take Me Mama

An old-fashioned acoustic blues tune.

Land of Nod

We are all living in the land of Nod. (4 string)

World of Pain

Come on over and step away from the pain. (4 string)