Songs from the album: Best Intentions
Best Intentions

Fathers, sons and despair.

Dancin' Around It

A puppet revolt.

Rapunzel Unrequited

A dysfunctional Rapunzel tale.

Chained Melody

Love, freedom and self-deception.

I Ain't Ready

Seasonal but timeless. I ain't ready for the cold.

A Way from Here

Troping toward the light.

Save Me

Minor blues, major problem.

Darkness Pouring Down

Major blues, betrayal and uncertainty.

Not. Stopped. Again.

Don't let censorship hold you down.

John Prine Song

John Prine is comfort food for the ears.

Land of Nod

We are all living in the land of Nod. (4 string)

I Don't Belong

The title sums it up.

World of Pain

Come on over and step away from the pain. (4 string)


No religion owns any place.


A song for the rest of us.